About Heemskerk Flora B.V.

Heemskerk Flora

Rijnsburg-based Heemskerk Flora supplies flowers and plants to over 450 flower shops and wholesalers in southern Germany, the east of France and Switzerland. The company, which was founded on 1 August 1988, has 25 employees: buyers, drivers, sellers and administrative staff. Heemskerk Flora is based at the FloraHolland flower auction in Rijnsburg. Its fleet consists of three box trucks with trailers and a truck with semi-trailer.

Our team

Koos and Jan Kees Heemskerk

Brothers Koos and Jan-Kees Heemskerk founded their company on 1 August 1988. They started selling flowers and plants in southern Germany. In 1991, they started a second flower line, also in southern Germany. This was followed a year later by the commissioning of their own premises at the Rijnsburg branch of the FloraHolland flower auction. In 1998, ten years after its founding, the company has seven employees.

Heemskerk family

Expansion into Switzerland and France

The workforce continues to grow. In 2002, the company has ten employees, which is needed because of the start of a third flower line in Switzerland. Since 2007, Heemskerk Flora has also been supplying flowers and plants to shops and wholesalers in the east of France. In 2011, the company moved to a new premises. The business area became about twice as big.


Our philosophy

We supply a complete range of flowers and plants to high-end flower shops and wholesalers in Germany, France and Switzerland. Our buyers only buy high-quality products. We do this via the auction clock at the FloraHolland flower auction sites, but also directly from reputable growers.

Everything in-house

We carry out all our operations ourselves: purchasing, processing, transport, sales, including advice. This allows us to maintain optimal control of our operations and guarantee the quality and freshness of our flowers and plants at all times.




Starts of company with first flower line in southern Germany.


Second flower line in southern Germany.


Move to own premises at FloraHolland flower auction in Rijnsburg.


Third flower line in Switzerland.


Expansion of German line to eastern France.


Florimark GTP Line Drivers certificate.


Commissioning of new premises at FloraHolland flower auction in Rijnsburg.


Anniversary! 25 years.


Start of direct purchase from growers.


Distinguishing the best quality from the best growers

Purchasing flowers and plants is what I love doing most. Differentiating the best quality from the best growers is what makes us unique. This is our weekly goal that we always try to achieve.

Koos Heemskerk Managing Director - Heemskerk Flora BV

Range of fresh flowers and plants