Christiaan de Wit

Buyer / Seller Germany and France

+49 172 720 08 45

“Working with top quality every week, and making customers happy in the process, is my passion.”

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Stefan van den Berg

Seller Tour North-East Switzerland

+41 79 790 40 60

“Here, I was given the opportunity to develop myself further, as a buyer and seller. Today, I work with pleasure and passion every day.”

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Leen Hus

Seller Tour Western Switzerland

+41 79 790 40 35

"Staff have a lot of input here; everyone is involved in the whole process from purchasing to sales. This makes us a close-knit team."

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Willian Heemskerk

Seller Tour East-West Switzerland

+31 6 837 99 288


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Jantina Heemskerk

Account Manager Switzerland

+31 6 504 03 268

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Oliver Jung

Account Manager Germany

+49 177 65 30 383

'As an absolute flower lover, I am very happy that here at Heemskerk Flora-, quality, freshness and service, have an incomparable value. Everyone in the team gives their best for our customers, the common spirit is noticeable everywhere and makes us one big flower family.'

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