Sale of flowers and plants

Cut flowers delivered door-to-door

We sell the highest quality fresh cut flowers every week. With our flower delivery routes in Southern Germany, Switzerland, and Eastern France, we can supply high quality cut flowers to florists and wholesalers every week. We buy our fresh cut flowers straight from the grower which means we can supply top quality cut flowers with a long lifespan.

Travelling flower shops

Our vehicles are in fact travelling flower shops with beautiful store displays. It is from these vehicles that our sellers sell our flowers and plants from Tuesdays to Thursdays. A proportion of the assortment has been ordered by our customers beforehand, and the rest is sold on location. While travelling, we make use of a portable computer system with a hand-held terminal and printer.

Flower delivery route

Feedback from florist to grower

On Thursdays and Fridays, our vehicles return to base where they are prepared again for the new week. On Fridays, we review the past week with our purchasers and sellers and look ahead to the coming week.


The company has given me the opportunity to develop further as a purchaser and seller. I love doing the work that I do, every single day.

Stefan Purchaser/Seller for Eastern Switzerland - Gebr. K. en J. Heemskerk

Purchasing flowers by invoice

Our purchasing and sales activities are carefully recorded by our administrative staff at our Rijnsburg office.


Top quality cut flowers for florists